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The saying, “Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees” can be true of anyone: You get so focused on the details of an issue, you don’t look at the issue as a whole.

In the same way, “Sometimes you can’t see the trees for the forest”: You get so focused on the issue as a whole, you miss the details.

It takes balance based on INSIGHTS to do both.

Insights are not merely opinions: Insights are a clear understanding of something based on facts, experience and knowledge. Insights require work and are rarely apparent to the casual observer. 

Opinions are thoughts about something based on personal beliefs, desires, and feelings and are not necessarily based on realities. Family, friends and customers mean well when they offer opinions; but we mean business when we deliver insights.

INSIGHTS are gained by:

Having a sincere desire to help you be better

Asking questions of you and your business or organization

Listening to you and your business or organization

Spending time with you and your business or organization

Learning how you and your business or organization operate

Drawing from vast experience with a variety of business and organizations within and outside of your particular type industry