Beginning with One decision, everything can change.

The decision to be better is a great decision!


Beginning with One Founder - Layne McConnell

I’ve experienced a lot.

I spent a large part of my life employed by multi-million dollar companies and multi-billion dollar companies that employed thousands of people. I also spent multiple years employed by independent business owners and I was an independent business owner myself for a number of years in a different endeavor than Beginning with One.

I was successful at helping all of those companies, many of their employees, and the customers they serve, to be better by utilizing common-sense practices, respectful people skills and a ferocious

work ethic. I’ve managed people and served others my entire professional life in a variety of industries and businesses.

I've seen many corporations becoming more concerned with procedure than they are with efficiency, common sense, or even the bottom line: a "just check the box" mentality is widespread.

I made the decision to walk away from my role as a strategic adviser in the corporate world and utilize my varied experience, acquired real-life knowledge, motivational skills and work ethic to create a business focused on independent business, organizations and individuals: a business that would help others to be better.

Having successfully worked with such a wide array of people, including but not limited to CEO’s, corporation presidents and leadership, retail managers and employees, sales managers and sales representatives, construction managers and trades, teachers, preachers, realtors, restaurateurs, chefs and even law enforcement, I’m confident in my ability to benefit anyone with the true desire to be better.

I look forward to helping you to be better!